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Our Spa Experiences

At Hebridean Spa we have some of the best spa experiences in the UK. If you are visiting the Isle of Lewis on holiday and looking for things to do or live locally in Stornoway and want to try something new, our Hebridean spa experiences will help you reset, re-energise and feel renewed. 

We’re excited to offer one of the biggest spa trends in recent years in the form of our sauna and ice bath experience, known to some as contrast therapy. Proven to be the best spa experience for speeding up your metabolism, reducing body aches and building up immunity this experience begins with 15 minutes in the sauna to cleanse and detoxify your body followed by a 10-minute ice bath at 10 degrees to improve focus, energy and boost calorie burning.

Available Experiences

If a warm bubble bath is more your style than the freezing temperatures of an ice bath, let us introduce you to our unique Hebridean seaweed bath experience. The best spa experience for soft radiant skin, it features vitamin and mineral rich seaweed harvested from our own Hebridean island beaches. The first ‘in spa’ seaweed bath experience available on our shores it helps to boost blood circulation and eliminate toxins to nourish your skin.

We understand that not everyone has a full afternoon or evening to dedicate to self-care, so our short ice bath experience, seaweed bath experience and massage and facial treatments can be enjoyed on their own or as part of our longer experience spa day packages. For those of you who are counting down the days until you can visit us or want to transport your senses back to our spa when you leave, the beachy marine scent of our soy wax Hebridean spa candle will help you create an authentic spa-like experience at home.

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