Our spa facilities


Relax and enjoy the facilities at our luxurious sauna in Stornoway. A visit to a sauna can help to improve your circulation, aid muscle recovery, help to reduce stress and anxiety, and generally improve your health and wellbeing. Enjoy a session in the sauna as part of your luxury spa day experience.

A traditional sauna is a room filled with steam and heat, designed to soothe weary muscles and make your skin feel fresh. Our sauna in Stornoway provides an ideal therapeutic session as part of a spa day, aiding relief from aches and pains, and providing deep relaxation.


What better way to end a spa day than relaxing in our purpose-built lounge. Get comfortable, curl up with a good book and enjoy a drink in our lounge. Feel rested and reinvigorated after your health and wellbeing treatments and escape the everyday rigours of daily life.

Hot Tub

Explore our hot tub on the Isle of Lewis as part of your relaxing yet reinvigorating spa day. Using a hot tub can help to relieve stress, aid muscle relaxation, improve the quality of your sleep, and soothe aches and pains.

Take some time out for yourself by booking some time in a hot tub on the Western Isles. Whether you’re looking for a full day of pampering or have just a lunchtime to spare, explore our purpose-built spa facilities for a relaxing experience.

Gazebo Bar

Treat yourself at the end of a spa day on the Isle of Lewis with a wide range of drinks – including cocktails and prosecco – served at our sophisticated licenced outdoor gazebo bar.

Massage Room

Get pampered in luxurious surroundings with a massage in Stornoway as part of your spa day experience. In our massage room, you can enjoy a full body massage designed to focus on areas of tightness and to relieve tension, ideal for alleviating high stress levels.

Take some time out and drift away with relaxing, rejuvenating and refreshing massage treatments on the Isle of Lewis, including head messages, hand and foot treatments, and full body massages from trained massage therapists.

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