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Looking to relax and unwind?

Select from a range of Spa Packages and Spa Treatments at Hebridean Spa. Our packages are tailored to your needs and we are more than willing to incorporate your requests, simply contact us

Spa days offer the perfect opportunity to schedule some self-care and switch off from the outside world. At Hebridean Spa, we offer a wide selection of spa packages, experiences, treatments and relaxation spaces. Our beach view location provides a beautiful scenic backdrop throughout all the seasons making us one of the best local spa days in the Isle of Lewis and Outer Hebrides. Open all year round, we offer pregnancy spa days and exclusive hire spa days for special occasions and groups. We occasionally have spa deals and limited time spa day offers too.

Our Spa Day Packages

What is a spa day? Whether you are joining us as part of a weekend break in the Hebrides or as a local who just wants to escape everyday life for a few hours of rest and relaxation, our rejuvenating spa days all start with a warm welcome and a quick tour of the cutting-edge facilities. The modern and cosy interiors of our boutique spa have been expertly designed to create a home from home feel that’s become our signature style. Once you slip on your fluffy robe and slippers, it’s time to settle in and enjoy the spa at your leisure. 


The great thing about a spa day at Hebridean Spa is that it can be personalised to include whatever you like. If you want to spa under the stars and watch the sun go down in the hot tub with a glass of Champagne, you can. Alternatively, if you would prefer to curl up in front of the fire with a hot chocolate for a post-treatment snooze, that’s fine too. We’re here to ensure you feel pampered in our luxurious nature-filled surroundings and help you choose exactly what you need to make the most of your well-deserved ‘me time’.


One of the many benefits of a spa day are the treatments on offer, whether it’s easing tension in your muscles with a massage or bringing your skin back to its best with a glow-inducing resurfacing facial, our therapists are skilled at leaving you feeling brand new with visible results.


At Hebridean Spa we cater to everyone. Whether you are joining us as part of a group booking; baby shower, hen party, birthday or works do or seeking a holistic outdoorsy soul-soothing experience, our spa days offer so many ways to treat your mind, body, and soul.

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